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About this...

Hungry! is a free application that tries to ease your hunger by keeping track of the things you want to buy in the supermarket. Yes, it is another shoplist app.

With this application you can maintain a list of items you may want to get at the Supermarket. You would only have to write them down one time, the application will keep the list and will make it easy for you to select the items so you wont forget a thing on your next shopping.

Also it keeps track of the most bought items as well as the last used so it'll be easier to select items to buy next time.

I hope you'll all enjoy this application and find it handy. Go on and have a look to the video (old version) and screenshots (colorful version). If you find it useful (and use it) please consider donating.

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Key Features

  • Streamlined interface
  • Only one time item writting
  • Just a tap to add/remove

Micro Users Guide

  • Pop out the keyboard to add items
  • Tap to add/remove items
  • Use last tab to shop


  • 23 November 2009: Added Swedish and German translations
  • 22 October 2009: New email format and added italian